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Health & Safety

Fjällräven Classic Sweden takes place in the wilderness. There are no access roads, there is pretty much no phone reception and the weather can change quickly. However, you’re not alone.

Aside from having other trekkers around to help, all our checkpoints are staffed by health professionals. If you have any medical issues during the trek, contact the checkpoint staff. They should be able to help with most health issues.

However, if your injury or illness is serious helicopter evacuation is possible. We reserve the right to charge such an evacuation according to the current price list (1,500-5,000 SEK/person). To minimise helicopter transport in the area, or in case of bad weather, evacuation in a non-emergency case may be postponed for a couple of days.

For EU/EES/Switzerland citizens we remind you to bring your European Health Insurance Card if you in any case need hospital care.

For residents in other countries we strongly recommend you to look over your insurance so that you are covered if an accident happens so that you need hospital care. The Fjällräven Classic organisation does not cover helicopter transport to hospital or hospital care.

For insurance purposes, please note that only cases of medical emergency are documented. Other examinations, certificates and insurance matters, ought to be handled by your regular medical service at home.

Fjällräven and its partners are not responsible for your whereabouts, so if you need assistance it’s up to you to contact us or seek your own help. Generally there won’t be organised search and rescue for people who don’t reach the finish.

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