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The tickets for Classic Sweden 2019 are sold out. An advice is to keep an eye on the Facebook group Fjällräven Classic as there’s usually a few people who can’t go that sells their tickets there.




Fjällräven Classic Sweden 2019 is taking place in August 9-16, 2019. Tickets will be released January 14th at 10AM CET.


August 9
Start group 1 09:00
Start group 2 13:00
Start group 3 16:00


August 10
Start group 4 09:00
Start group 5 13:00
Start group 6 16:00


August 11
Start group 7 09:00
Start group 8 13:00

We don’t offer refunds on Fjällräven Classic tickets. However, you can sell them or even buy sold out tickets from people not able to use their tickets. The agreement is not handled by us. It’s between the seller and the buyer.

Meeting Place & Check-In

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